Have you ever wanted to play a game where you could choose to either die or not die?  Are you trying to look for a game that does not have any graphic violence?  Do you want to play with other players on some servers?  Do you want to build an amazing creation?  If  you want all of those qualities in a game, play Minecraft!  The sandbox game, created by Notch (Markus Alexej Persson) and Jeb (Jens Bergensten), is a popular game with over 100 million players.  It is so amazing!



Minecraft has a ton of servers.  Some of my favorites are the following:








Singleplayer mode is a type of the game where you play by yourself; however, you can also create a LAN world.  Players that are playing near you on a similar device (IPad, PC, or Xbox) can join your world and play with you.

The three gamemodes in singleplayer are survival, creative, and hardcore.

  • Survival
    • In this mode, you must search for resources, craft your items, gain levels, keep your health, and eat to not be hungry.
  • Creative
    • In creative mode, you have unlimited resources, free flying, and you can also destroy blocks instantly.
  • Hardcore
    • Hardcore is survival, but harder with the hardest difficulty and no way to respawn after you die.


Common Hostile/Neutral-Hostile Mobs

Of many mobs, zombies, skeletons, spiders, endermen, and creepers are common.

Zombies are green Steves.  If they attack villagers, the villagers become zombie villagers.

Skeletons are basically pixelated skeletons with bows and arrows.



Spiders are, well, giant tarantulas or something.

Endermen are tall black creatures with purple eyes.  They can be either neutral or hostile if you hit them or look at them.

Image result for minecraft bart the enderman

Finally, creepers are green creatures that explode if you hit them or are near them.



  • Swords
    • Diamond
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Wooden


  • Bow and Arrow
    • There is only one.

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